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Raise Your Helping Hand

The ministry started in 2016 and at first, it was only church-based and only engaged in preaching door to door gospel but after the time of consistency of its great work of preaching in areas of Natete and nearby places.The C.E.O of it Mr.Muwonge Joel Tebandeke decided to begin off with helping orphans the next year(2017) and we began with off with 21 orphan children and 5 street kids who were living near places of Nantete where we reside.

With time after a lot of hard-worked and love God, we began doing other charity work like helping illiterates in our community, providing things like food to the single moms who couldn’t find what to eat. But again our goals at Dasom Ministries were even Bigger than that, we had dreams of making this world a better place for everyone,a place where everyone has access to shelter, food, water, education etc and we will never stop until we rich our goals. We want to live in a world where the children are not abused and the needy get all the basic needs in life. In Nantete almost every day we find harassed and emotionally tortured kids on street starving without what eat and clean water to drink, some even sleep under the tunnels after running away from their parents or after losing their parents.

Not only do we help orphans and widowed with food and some basic needs that we are of reach, we also help those who are emotionally depressed children and people in our area by giving them hope and also teaching them the word of God. So far in 2021 we have 96 children which we provide basic needs to and for the moment according to our capabilities we can only provide shelter to those since our space is kind of small but we have plans of making our place even bigger. We want to make Dasom Home of Orphans a place to live for all kinds of needy people. Dasom Ministries Uganda seeks to address some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, poor education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, we focus on empowering the youth of Uganda with different skills and leadership training.

Dasom Ministries Uganda is a place where all orphans,less priviledged and street children are free from physical, emotional and spiritual torture with hope for tomorrow. We do not raise fund for ourselves. Indeed, we use all the funds that come through charity in the best of the best way in terms of holistic development of children of all age groups. Our team is relentlessly working day and night to ensure that there will be no hassle for our fund donor.

Our Vision

To provide Christ centered care for orphans and desperate emotionally hopeless kids.

Our Mission

We exist to help and improve the lives of the poor kids and needy by providing them with basic needs and also emotional support in order to turn them into useful citizens.
Our Administration
Know more about the Administration team of Dasom Ministries Uganda.

Muwonge Joel Tebandeke

C.E.O / Founder.
The founder of Dasom Ministries Uganda and horizontal managers of all projects and smooth running of the ministry My name is Muwonge Joel Tebandeke. I grew up as an orphan. In the Miracle church of Natete. I grew up spreading Gospel. And I didn't have parents. Alot happened as I was growing. But fortunately. GOD had had blessed my path. In 2016. After doing alot of gospel transformation work. Bring back many lost souls. Preaching door to door. Praise and worship on streets. I found many street children like I was back then in life. I decided to open up Dasom Home of Orphans to give shelter to those with no house. To allow God Aba father to father the fatherless. I begun this from scratch. With 3kids. Right now we 138 Orphans. It's God since day one.

Kayizi Julius

Kids Manager & Care taker
I am by the names of Kayizi Julius. Am a saved Christian man Andi believe in God. Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I am 27 years old and I met Joel and Denis in church. These were men of great intergrity and burning ideas to answer God's call of helping the needy. We all grew up in a remote area. Orphaned and faced alot of hardships. I know the experience of being having nothing. Atleaast would like God's children to have something. Praise be to God. Am the general care taker of Orphans at the ministry. I take care of everyone in the ministry.

Muliika Hakim

General Secretary
My name is Muliika Hakim. Praise God. I grew up from a distant far Moslem family. We later moved to Natete after several problems. It's where I found the Dasom Ministries Uganda Team that changed my life. We couldn't afford food with mum at home. I decided to always engage in church actives. From there I changed from Moslem to Christianity. Jesus saved me and broke every chai. That had help my life. Am happy with my mum. Thanks to the Dasom Ministries Uganda. we trust in Dasom Ministries Uganda I am currently serving as the projects Coordinator at DASOM MINISTRIES UGANDA. I manage all projects . The OUTREACH PROJECTS and GOSPEL TRANSFORMATION projects

Kabugo Denis Junior

Ministry Treasurer
My names are Kabugo Denis Junior. I am a saved Christian man 22 years of age . I am here. With a great inspiration from My long term friend Mr JOEL MUWONGE TEBANDEKE. I was with since childhood. We faced all challenges together. Later when he joined the preaching in church I was the praise and worship group. I grew up from a very poor family . I know how it it means to be poor. So I stand with my Friend . United in GOD we can make this place earth a better place for All children. Single mothers. .the disabled and homeless. #wechangelives I am the TREASURER of DASOM MINISTRIES UGANDA