The Water Project

The Clean water Project in Dasom Ministries Mityana.

Provide clean water to the community.

As The DASOM MINISTRIES UGANDA . We know the challenges of our society . In 2017 the cholera disease that broke out in our area killed thousands but up to now the people are naive to see the cause. Our dirty water sources caused this. People face alot of challenges with water .most our water sources are very dirty. And we need to offer clean water to the people. The Orphans and those in need of water because dirty water cause the major infections that claim our lives. We Wich to construct a good water system our our people. We used the put tanks but we later found out that tanks can't generate water for the community. We look for to getting a better water source. Tap or borehole. We look forward to reaching many affected areas and change lives. Through spreading the gospel and engaging in community services. #togetherwecan

We welcome any support you can manage to support the needy children in Uganda.