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Feed the vulnerable chldren.

Gospel Transformation project was begun in 2016 by Reverand Paul Muganda and Muwonge Joel Tebandeke with a vision of changing lives through preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to reach everyone in Uganda and transform them. We have preached the gospel in Central UGANDA. Natete. Kyengera. And in the area of Mukono. In our preachings , the sick have been healed, and miracles have been done by the power of the Lord's hand in both villages and cities. So far because of the thirst in the villages, our ministry has worked so much through the outreach project to transform and baptise thousands of youth. This was our set goal and we look forward to out the whole Uganda by 2025 . We thank the Dasom team . Mr DENIS KABUGO. Mr MULIIKA HAKIIM and and MR KAYIZI JULIUS for the great. Not giving up . Having everlasting energy to always go an extra mile to change lives. Answering God's call positively. May God bless us and bless Dasom Ministries Uganda. We were Catholic but our actives changed according to God's grace and his call to work with all religions. We don't segregate anyone. Come one come all. We welcome all people of God. The Muslim. Pentecostal Anglicans.

#wechangelives through the GOSPEL. GOD BLESS YOU