Dasom Ministries Uganda greatly appreciates the support from any good samaritan where any contribution counts for a happy life of a needy child.
Dasom Ministries Uganda welcomes you to support the projects and objectives and make us run smoothly in supporting the vulnerable.
Fundraise and support on the smooth running of the ministry.Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.
We Provide Charity Services to the community Since 2016
Dasom Ministry Uganda is a Non government church Based Ministry started in 2016 with an aim of spreading the Gospel. We Later spotted out children of the current generation as a way of influencing christianity for good.So we began with little children ,widows, and other vulnerable groups of people. At Dasom Ministries our teams started cleaning water sources,feeding the needy on streets and providing cancelling and guidance to those who had lost hope. Dasom Ministries is a home for every one,the best home for peace and mind,A place to find spiritual happiness free from torture of mind.A place where we change lives. Our Core values are :
  • G- Godliness.
  • S- Selfless Sevice.
  • U- Unconditional love and care.
  • U- Unity in christianity.
Our Projects
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